MSc Aquaculture Enterprise and Technology (AET)

Aquaculture is a rapidly growing business sector with a world value that exceeds that of commercial fisheries. Management level training, covering the huge breadth of the aquaculture business spectrum, is urgently required to facilitate growth and meet future world food needs. AET provides just that, from production to marketing, system design to environmental compliance; coupled with advanced entrepreneurship skills that underpin the entire course.

What are the key features?

• Training for entrepreneurial individuals and creative employees
• Balanced input from both industrial and academic experts; marine scientists, technologists and managers
• Experience Shetland! Work with NAFC Marine Centre in the UK’s highest value production area. Visit leading industry experts and see their businesses!
• Opportunities to implement your own novel aquaculture business ideas through the completion of an expertly-mentored research project. Extensive support for development right through to business start up.

Who does the MSc appeal to?

AET appeals to professionals and companies planning innovative developments; innovative and imaginative individuals wishing to formalise their training prior to business start up; those engaged in marketing and distribution of aquatic food products; professional planners, legislators and those responsible for managing environmental, ethical and welfare issues.

What is the degree and assessment structure?

Modules are run as 10 one week long ‘intensive schools’, spread over 1-5 years. Study of individual units as stand alone CPD modules is also encouraged. A residential fieldtrip to Shetland provides practical experience of the aquaculture sector and its integration with the fishing and tourism industries, while a final project will include the submission of a fully researched business plan, research project, ‘proof of concept study’ or a consultancy report.

What are the career opportunities?

Working with leading aquaculture companies we aim to provide the training necessary to translate aquaculture ideas into real businesses to compete in this rapidly developing global business sector.

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