About marineNewcastle

The "Audit of Marine Activities at Newcastle University" completed in December 2008 revealed that there had been approximately £18m of marine-related research activity undertaken by Newcastle University in the past 5 years, of which approximately two thirds was undertaken by the School of Marine Science and Technology.

In the report it was recognised that some researchers would be discipline-based (eg structural specialists), sometimes working in the marine field, while others would be marine specialists located in the School of Marine Science and Technology.

It was also recognised in the report that the marine activities at Newcastle University would be enhanced by greater awareness amongst the participants of the scope of activity and by coordination of future developments.

This led to the creation of the marineNewcastle Research Network with the main objectives of:

  • increasing awareness amongst Newcastle academics of the scale and range of marine activity at Newcastle.
  • increasing collaboration between Newcastle academics working in the marine field.
  • raising awareness of Newcastle's marine activities beyond Newcastle.

The marineNewcastle Research Network aims to promote Newcastle University's marine research across the world.