Ocean and Coastal Resources

The global ocean is a vital source of food, energy and candidate drugs. The decline of traditional maritime industries has put unprecedented strain on coastal communities and highlighted the need for innovation to drive the marine economy of the future.

Water ski and sprayNewcastle University is pioneering the farming of novel marine species for food and bioenergy production whilst developing and promoting sustainable fishing practices worldwide.

The University is a world leader in the development of novel medicines and biotechnologies from the sea. Examples include: using seaweed extracts to treat the rising tide of obesity; non-toxic antifouling coatings for ships; and the use of marine biochemicals to prevent tooth decay.

Working alongside the New and Renewable Energy Centre we are also pivotal to the realisation of the UK's offshore wind energy strategy.

Ocean and Coastal Resources relates to all research that focuses on the exploitation of resources from or on the sea. This topic is subdivided into four sub topics:

  • Food security
  • Energy for tomorrow
  • Biomedical applications
  • People and places

Find out more about the sub topics and the people involved. You can also download presentations and videos for this topic and sub topics.

Schools involved in Ocean and Coastal Resources research include: