TACTICS - Development of a Computer Program to Support Decision Making of Yatch Races


Project Leader: Dr Ignazio Maria Viola
Contact: ignazio.viola@ncl.ac.uk
Sponsors: Scholarships of the School of Marine Science and Technology


The aim of this project is to study tactics in sailing competitions under uncertain weather conditions. A computer program based on Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) that can help a tactician to take the optimum decision during a sailing yacht race will be developed.

Based on the data measured before and during the race, the possible future scenarios that can arise during the race and the associated distribution of probability will be calculated with ANN. For each possible scenario, the best tactic will be computed with the use of a velocity prediction program (VPP). The process undergone by human decision-makers will be reproduced by training a second ANN to choose between different possibilities. The training patterns for the ANN will come from deterministic cases studied via numerical simulation, which will be based on the previously developed VPP where the human training process has been simulated. Interactions between two competing boats during a match race will be studied and integrated in the decision making process.


Dr Ignazio Maria Viola
Lecturer in Naval Architecture