Correlations between in situ denitrification activity and nir-gene abundances in pristine and impacted prairie streams (2010)

Author(s): Graham DW, Trippett C, Dodds WK, O'Brien JM, Banner EBK, Head IM, Smith MS, Yang RK, Knapp CW

      • Date: 17-08-2010
      • Journal: Environmental Pollution
      • Volume: 158
      • Issue: 10
      • Pages: 3225-3229
      • Publisher: Pergamon
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: Denitrification Nitrogen-removal nirS nirK Sediment Water-column qPCR DENITRIFYING BACTERIA NITROGEN NITRATE COMMUNITIES REDUCTASE RATES


      Professor David Graham
      Professor of Environmental Engineering

      Professor Ian Head
      Prof of Environmental Microbiology