School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors provide support, assistance and guidance to new students as they navigate their first year at Newcastle University.

Peer mentors are recruited from our undergraduate courses.

Mentors work with new first-year students, giving assistance to students when they need:

  • support
  • someone who listens
  • someone to go through their different alternatives and options and talk through choices
  • knowledge about where to get specialist advice and help

The scheme is not a substitute for personal tutoring or subject advisors, but does complement and supplement these systems.

Peer mentors are given thorough training. Boundaries are established about the limits of their role and responsibilities (to safeguard both mentors and mentees). They are fully supported by an administrative team.

If you are a current student and wish to apply to be a mentor visit the mentor page of the internal website.