The NUEntry Mathematics Course in Mathematics

  • This is a pre-entry mathematics course prepared by The School of Mathematics & Statistics of Newcastle University, and EDI.
  • Newcastle University is a prestigious English University and a member of the Russell Group of Universities.
  • The course contains all necessary content plus Videos and Practice exams (all in English). Feedback on your progress is provided using Summative Tests.
  • When you are ready, you can take the online NUEntry Mathematics Examination based upon this course which, if passed, will be accepted as a qualification towards entering the first year of a degree course in one of 5 Schools within Newcastle University.
  • This Examination is invigilated and taken at a suitable venue within your own country and normally at a pre-arranged time in May, June or July.
  • If you have passed the NUEntry Mathematics Examination at a suitable level and have all other necessary qualifications, including the required level of English, then you will be accepted on your chosen degree course. Note that it is a requirement of entry that you apply for your chosen degree course through the UCAS system and that your chosen School has accepted you on the condition that you pass the NUEntry Mathematics Examination.


The NUEntry course is in English and covers 9 Topics in two Sections. Each Topic contains one or more Booklets and each Booklet covers an important area of mathematics. There are 27 Booklets. Each Booklet, Topic and Section has Electronic Tests which you can use to test your progress. There are two Sample NUEntry Mathematics Examinations which you can practice.

Electronic Tests

There are two types of test:

  1. Summative: The Test does not allow you to see the solutions of the questions until you have finished the Test and your score has been recorded. This is similar to the format of the online NUEntry Mathematics Examination. These Tests all have the word Summative in their name, for example, Topic 1 Basic Techniques Summative, is the name of the Summative Test for Topic 1. You use these Summative Tests in order to monitor your progress. As a general rule, you should be obtaining at least 75% for each Summative Test, whether a Booklet, Topic or Section Test. Topics only have Summative Tests. You can do these Tests as many times as you like.
  2. Practice Tests: These are all the other Tests apart from the Summative Tests. Practice Tests allow you to see the full solution of any question at any time by clicking on the Reveal Button. You can use these Tests to practice as much as you like before you attempt the Summative Tests.

Sections, Topics and Booklets

Section 1, Fundamentals

This Section contains 4 Topics split into 15 Booklets in total and covers important skills and techniques some of which you may have already covered. If some of the material is new, then you can use the Booklets, Videos and Tests to learn the material. You are given the opportunity to learn or refresh these skills and practice them in English. Each Topic contains Booklets in the form of pdf files. Also there are Videos with the Booklets enabling you to become familiar with the use of spoken and written English in the presentation of mathematics in a lecture room or tutorial. All Booklets and Topics have Practice and Summative Tests together with full solutions so that you can see how you are doing. Also you can do a Practice and Summative Test covering all Topics in the Section.

Section 2, Further Calculus

This Section contains 5 Topics with 11 Booklets. These are the Topics which you need to learn, practice and show mastery of in order to achieve the level of mathematics required to enter UK Higher Education and in particular the School of Mathematics & Statistics and the 4 Engineering Schools of Newcastle University. You will need to cover all of the Topics and Booklets in Section 1 before you can attempt Section 2. It is strongly advised that you go through Section 1 first, especially if you need practice in using English. As in Section 1 there are Videos associated to each Booklet together with Practice and Summative Tests with solutions. Also you can do a Practice Test covering all Topics in the Section.

The Study Guide

The Study Guide is one of the Booklets and it is important that you read it before you start to use the NUEntry Mathematics package. You will find information on the package, the Booklets, how to monitor your progress, and in particular, how to use the Tests.

The appendix of the study guide is available here. It lists all of the Booklets available, with details of the Tests and Videos to be found in each Booklet.


Selected Videos are included with the Booklets to help you become familiar with the presentation and explanation of mathematics in English. There are 109 Videos included in the NUEntry package and all cover a topic or exercise from the course.

The Sample NUEntry Mathematics Examinations

These Tests enable you to practice the type of questions that you will meet in the online NUEntry Mathematics Examination. They can be done in Practice or Summative mode. Note that the Sample Summative Examinations will contain as many questions as in the actual NUEntry Mathematics Examination. The level of difficulty will be the same and the nine major Topics will be covered. However the questions will vary.

The NUEntry Mathematics Examination

Once you have registered with the NUEntry package you have the opportunity to sit the on-line NUEntry Examination in mathematics. If you pass this examination at the required level then you have passed the entry requirement for mathematics in each of the 5 Schools. The indicative pass mark is 75%. The examination is invigilated and taken at a suitable venue within your own country and normally at a pre-arranged time in May, June or July.

Entry into Newcastle University

To find out more about how to enter Newcastle University click here.