Advanced Graphics with R

This is a one day intensive course on advanced graphics with R. The standard plotting commands in R are known as the Base graphics. In this course, we cover more advanced graphics packages - in particular, ggplot2. The ggplot2 package can create very advanced and informative graphics. For example:

A basic knowledge of R is assumed for this course. In particular, attendees should be familiar with the topics covered in the first course.This course will be a mixture of lectures and computer practicals. The goal is to enable participants to apply the techniques covered to their own data. This course is suitable to a wide range of applicants e.g., biologists, statisticians, engineers, students.

Course outline:

  • The grammar of graphics
  • Mastering the grammar
  • Groups, geoms, stats and layers
  • Scales, axes and legends
  • Facets

Course Structure

The course will be structured as follows:

  • 8:30 -- 9:00: Registration & coffee
  • 9:00 -- 9:30: Lectures
  • 9:30 -- 10:30: Practical 1
  • 10:30 -- 11:00: Coffee break
  • 11:00 -- 12:15: Lecture
  • 12:15 -- 1:30: Lunch
  • 2:45 -- 3:15: Coffee break
  • 1:30 -- 4:45: Practical 2 & Lecture

Comments from previous courses

  • Very clear lectures and handouts.
  • Good overview of the main topics. Also gave advice on how to find out about other features that may be needed above the standards.
  • The ability to ask more general questions about our data in the practical.


The topics covered in this course are more advanced, and as such places will be strictly limited. This course will have at most twenty participants.


Dr Colin Gillespie, Statistics Lecturer in the School of Mathematics & statistics.