Dualizing Differential Graded modules and Gorenstein Differential Graded Algebras (2003)

Author(s): Jorgensen P; Frankild A; Iyengar S

    Abstract: The paper explores dualizing differential graded (DG) modules over DG algebras. The focus is on DG algebras that are commutative local, and finite. One of the main results established is that, for this class of DG algebras, a finite DG module is dualizing precisely when its Bass number is 1. As a corollary, one obtains that the Avramov–Foxby notion of Gorenstein DG algebras coincides with that due to Frankild and Jørgensen. One other key result is that, under suitable hypotheses, any two dualizing DG modules are quasiisomorphic up to a suspension. In addition, it is established that a number of naturally occurring DG algebras possess dualizing DG modules.

      • Journal: Journal London Mathematical Society
      • Volume: 68
      • Issue: 2
      • Pages: 288-306
      • Publisher: Oxford University Press
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Professor Peter Jorgensen
      Professor of Mathematics