Hardy Lecture: Etienne Ghys

On cutting cloth, according to Chebyshev

This is a purely "differential geometry" problem with an old history.You are given a surface, like for example the round sphere, or the Poincare disc, and youwant to cover it with a piece of cloth without creating folds. Is that possible ? It turns outthat I was lucky enough, after a long enquiry that would have interested SherlockHolmes, to discover an unknown manuscript of Chebyshev on this question. Moreinterestingly, I was able to generalize the main result and recently I found an interestingconnection with Painleve transcendental functions... 

Location: Herschel Building LT1
Date/Time: 15th June 2012, 16:00 - 17:00

Published: 2nd May 2012