Dr Daniel Henderson
Teaching Fellow

Undergraduate Teaching (2014/15)

  • MAS3325/8325 Multivariate Data Analysis
  • MAS1403 Quantitative Methods for Business Management
  • MAR1002 Marine Statistics
  • ACE2058 Research Methods for Food and Human Nutrition
  • ACE2013 Statistics for Marketing and Management
  • MAS8391 MMathStat Project

Research Interests

  • Applied statistics: Bayesian modelling and data analysis
  • Latent variable models (e.g. HMMs, mixtures, ranks, paired comparisons)
  • Computer model emulation and calibration
  • Computational statistics

Project Supervision

  • S. R. Johnson (2014-2017) Bayesian analysis of ranks and paired comparisons (PhD).
  • M. M. Misiura (2014-2015) Bayesian analysis of paired comparison data (MMathStat).
  • L. J. Kirrane (2013-2014) Bayesian inference for ranking models applied to Formula One Data (MMathStat).
  • R. L. Bulmer (2012-2013) Bayesian inference for generalised Bradley-Terry models (MMathStat).