School of Mathematics & Statistics

Staff Profile

Dr Oli King

Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Chair of the Board of Studies
  • Degree Programme Director - Programme Development  
  • Chair of the Board of Examiners
  • Faculty Programme Liaison Officer (on the CASAP programme)  
  • Convenor of the Student Disciplinary Panel
  • Taught Programmes Sub-Committee (of ULTSEC) - member
  • Regulations Working Group - member
  • Chair of the Single Recognition Panel (recognising Fellowships and Associate Fellowship of the HEA)


Personal Achievements

  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 




Research Interests

Classical Groups.
Finite Geometry.

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Current Work

I have been interested for many years in the subgroup structure of the Classical Groups, both finite and infinite. In particular I am interested determining classes of subgroups that are maximal as subgroups, both describing the subgroups in terms of geometric configurations and proving maximality using natural geometric techniques. I am also interested classes of almost simple subgroups that can be described geometrically, even if they are not maximal.

I am interested in certain geometric configurations. Sometimes, but not always, these are related to subgroups of Classical groups. The configurations that I have a particular interest are: caps in projective spaces; ovoids and partial ovoids in polar spaces; special sets on hermitian surfaces; blocking sets on hermitian surfaces.


Undergraduate Teaching

MAS3210/MAS8210 (Geometries and Designs)


MAS2704 (Numbers and Ciphers)