Head Of School

Professor Robin Henderson
Professor of Statistics


Professor Carlo Barenghi
Professor of Fluid Dynamics

Professor Richard Boys
Professor of Applied Statistics

Professor Peter Jorgensen
Professor of Mathematics

Professor John Matthews
Professor of Medical Statistics

Professor Ian Moss
Professor of Theoretical Cosmology

Professor Nikolaos Proukakis
Professor of Quantum Physics

Professor Mihai Putinar
Prof of Pure Mathematics

Professor Sarah Rees
Professor of Pure Mathematics

Professor Anvar Shukurov
Professor of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

Professor Andrew Soward
Professor and Strategic Research Adviser

Professor David Toms
Professor of Theoretical Physics

Professor Darren Wilkinson
Professor of Stochastic Modelling

Professor Nicholas Young
Senior Research Investigator

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 6479

Dr Christopher Campbell

Dr Michael Dritschel
Reader in Pure Mathematics

Dr Andrew Duncan
Reader in Algebra

Dr Zinaida Lykova
Reader in Pure Mathematics

Dr Jian Shi
Reader in Statistics

Senior Lecturer

Dr Philip Ansell
Senior Lecturer and Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Dr Peter Avery
Senior Lecturer

Dr Paul Bushby
Senior Lecturer

Dr Malcolm Farrow
Senior Lecturer in Statistics

Dr Andrew Fletcher
Senior Lecturer

Denise Howel
Senior Lecturer in Epidemiological Statistics

Dr Oli King
Senior Lecturer

Dr Graeme Sarson
Senior Lecturer

Dr Michael White
Senior Lecturer


Dr Andrew Baggaley
Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

Dr Stefano Castruccio
Lecturer in Statistics

Dr Lee Fawcett
Lecturer in Statistics

Dr Colin Gillespie
Lecturer in Statistics

Dr Andrew Golightly

Dr Daniel Henderson
Teaching Fellow

Dr Evgenios Kakariadis
Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

Dr Stefan Kolb
Lecturer (Pure Mathematics)

Dr Greg Maloney

Dr Tom Nye

Dr Nicholas Parker
Lecturer (Applied Mathematics)

Dr Alexey Popov
Lecturer in Pure Maths

Dr Tamara Rogers
Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

Dr Alina Vdovina

Dr David Walshaw

Dr Toby Wood
Lecturer (Applied Mathematics)

Teaching Assistant

James Waldron
Teaching Assistant

Research Associate

Azhana Binti Ahmad
Visiting Researcher

Dr Martina Balagovic
Research Associate

Matthew Edmonds
EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow

Dr Sarah Heaps
Research Associate

Dr Luiz Santiago Rodrigues
Research Associate

Dr Rasiah Thayakaran
Research Associate

Gavin Whitaker
Research Assistant


Dr Shirley Coleman
Technical Director & Principal Research Associate

Matthew Linsley

David McGeeney


Maria Adair
Undergraduate Coordinator

Adele Fleck
Postgraduate Secretary

Helen Green
Finance/Clerical Assistant

Jacqueline Martin
School Administrator

Jackie Williams
Office Manager


Dr Michael Beaty
Computing Officer

E-learning And IT Unit

Dr Bill Foster
Teaching Fellow

Dr Chris Graham
Teaching & Research Technical Officer

Christian Perfect
E-Learning Officer

Guest Member Of Staff

Dr Jordan Stoyanov
Reader in Stochastic Processes