Craig secures international travel grant

MSE postgraduate research student Craig Hudson has been awarded an international travel grant by the Royal Academy of Engineering.  Craig received £500 towards the cost of attending the 15th International Conference on Composite Structures (ICCS-15) in Porto, Portugal which took place last week, at which he presented a paper entitled ‘Multiple objective optimisation of composite sandwich structures for rail vehicle floor panels’.

“The conference attracts researchers from all corners of the composite materials discipline and it was interesting to learn of the research of others,” said Craig.  “As a result of presenting my paper, I was approached by a researcher who was interested in a very similar area. I also had other people come up to me after my presentation and comment on how they had enjoyed it, which also provided a good opportunity for cross-networking.”

Competition for the Academy international travel grants is quite fierce, so Craig’s achievement in securing one is particularly commendable.

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published on: 24th June 2009