Former PGR is Osborne Reynolds finalist

Former PhD student Fred Zhang has been named as one of the finalists for the Osborne Reynolds Award for the best PhD in Fluid Mechanics in the UK.  Fred will be giving a presentation of his work during the Osborne Reynolds Day to be held at Southampton University on 27th June.

Fred’s PhD thesis was on the way small particles are detached from surfaces exposed to a turbulent flow.  The work is of application to a wide variety of industrial and environmental flows and was supported by the IRSN (the French Institute for Nuclear Safety) at Cadarache where the concern is with the release of  radioactive particles during a severe accident: Fukashima is an obvious example.

Fred’s PhD, awarded in November 2011, was supervised jointly by Prof Mike Reeks at Newcastle and the Ecole Central de Lyon where Fred's supervisor was Prof Richard Perkins, a former visiting professor at Newcastle.  Fred's IRSN supervisor was Dr Martin Kissane.

Prof Reeks’s postgraduate students have a good record in the Osborne Reynolds Award: former PGRs Elena Meneguz and Yasmine Ammar also reached the finals, achieving 3rd and runner-up positions respectively.

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published on: 14th June 2012