Design, Manufacture and Materials People

Key Staff

Research Assistants and Technical Staff

  • Dr Matthew Benning
  • Dr Ana Marina Ferreira-Duarte (email)
  • Simon Partridge
  • Ria Toumpaniari
  • See also Design Unit and NewRail staff lists

PhD Students

  • Kamil Ahmad (email)
  • Stephen Oluwashola Akande (email)
  • Muhammad Asmuni Mohammad Saraf (email)
  • Maria Agustina Calatayud (email)
  • Sandra Christke (email)
  • Ricardo da Conceicao Ribeiro (email)
  • Aikaterini Deligianni (email)
  • Raphael Kling David (email)
  • Maria Konstantakopoulou (email)
  • Constandinos Konstantis (email)
  • Johannes Linden (email)
  • Ayad Aied Mahouf (email)
  • John Christopher Morris (email)
  • Natacha Christina Rivera Rodrigues (email)
  • Aleksandrs Rjabovs (email)
  • Jonathan Powell (email)
  • Yulin Shi (email)
  • Nantawut Sriariyawat (email)
  • Sotiria Toumpaniari (email)
  • Wan Nursheila Binti Wan Jusoh (email)