From January 2010 to December 2011
Project Leader(s): Prof Mark Robinson
Staff: Sian Evans
Sponsors: Commission of the European Communities
Partners: Vilnius Technical University; Riga Technical University; CDV; Centrum Techniki Okretowej S.A.; Slovenia Control; University of Belgrade; The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey; Integral Consulting R&D; Higher School of Transport

TransNEW covers all the transport modes including Aeronautics and aims to evaluate research capability in order to support the involvement of New Member States in a number of topics and potentially exploit the synergies between Air transport and surface transport modes. Through mode evaluation, TransNEW will assess the research actors who can make an active contribution to the common (transport research) objectives of advancing competitiveness, anticipating and responding to the socio-economic and environmental challenges of the transport system.  TransNEW will cluster the research capacity results by Activities.  The five Activities are:

  1. Greening - environmental impacts of transport and climate change
  2. Enhanced integration of transport modes
  3. Safety and Security
  4. Transport system efficiency and Mobility
  5. Competitiveness

TransNEW is fully inclusive and is mapping the transport research capacities covering all the New Member States, Candidate Countries, Potential Candidate Countries and Associated States. This means that the national transport research capability will be determined for 26 Countries. This research capability will be collated into publicly accessible International TransNEW database.


Sian Evans
NewRail Strategy Group Manager

Professor Mark Robinson
Director of NewRail and Professor of Rail Systems Engineering