Using Coordinated Atomic Actions to Design Dependable Distributed Object Systems (1998)

Author(s): Zorzo AF, Romanovsky A, Randell B, Stroud RJ, Welch I, Xu J

    Abstract: Coordinated Atomic actions (CA actions) provide a scheme for coordinating complex concurrent activities and supporting error recovery between multiple interacting objects in a distributed object-oriented system. In this paper we show how CA actions can be applied to two different areas: safety-critical systems and fault-tolerant parallel systems. We have used a Production Cell case study to show how we can use CA actions to control a safety-critical system, where safety requirements play a fundamental role, and we have used an example based on the GAMMA paradigm to demonstrate how CA actions can be used to add fault tolerance to a parallel computation model. We discuss how CA actions provide these systems with dependability features, and describe our Java framework for constructing CA actions.

      • Series Title: Department of Computing Science Technical Report Series
      • Pages: 15
      • Institution: Department of Computing Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
      • Publication type: Report
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: co-ordinated atomic actions, dependability, java, object-oriented systems, safety critical systems