Reactive ion etching of Silicon Carbide with patterned Boron implantation (2004)

Author(s): Vassilevski K, Hedley J, Horsfall AB, Johnson CM, Wright NG

    Abstract: Dependence of 4H-SiC etch rate in SF6 containing plasmas on the bulk concentration of implanted Boron as well as on post implantation regimes was investigated. The samples were selectively ion doped up to Boron bulk concentration of 1(.)10(19)cm(-3) and annealed under Ar flow at temperatures of 1500 and 1600degreesC for varying durations. The difference up to 15% in etch rate of Boron doped and undoped 4H-SiC has been observed. It was found that this etch rate difference decreases with increasing of post implantation annealing time and with decreasing of Boron bulk concentration. It is assumed that this difference is defined by residual lattice damages induced during the implantation.

    Notes: English Article 1&2 BAM18 Print ISSN: 0255-5476 E-ISSN: 1422-6375

      • Book Title: Materials Science Forum: Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2003
      • Volume: 457-460
      • Pages: 925-928
      • Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd.
      • Publication type: Book chapter
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: Silicon Carbide; reactive ion etching; Boron implantation; etch rate plasmas


      Dr John Hedley
      Senior Lecturer