School of Mechanical & Systems Engineering
Seminar Series: 2009/2010

"Engineering to improve the welfare of laboratory animals"

Dr Sian Lawson

Thursday 10 December 2009
4pm, Stephenson Building, room F16 (first floor)

Over 2.6 million animals are used annually as experimental animals in the UK. The key aim of the Laboratory Animal Sciences Association is to advance knowledge of the care and welfare of laboratory animals and to promote refinement of scientific procedures. In order to continue to achieve this there is a need for the development of objective and quantifiable measures to monitor welfare and detect mechanical limitations and potential distress.

Recent work in the Bioengineering Research Group on musculo-skeletal modelling and motion perception and tracking, originally developed in humans, is now being applied in this area to improve welfare in rodents, fish and scorpions. This seminar aims to elaborate on the impact of engineers in this little discussed field. 

Dr Sian Lawson is a Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering with the School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering at Newcastle University. You can see her profile at