School of Mechanical & Systems Engineering
Seminar Series: 2010/2011

"Benchmarking industry projects"

Dr Benjamin de Poumeyrol
(Independent Project Analysis (IPA) UK)

Thursday 5 May 2011
4pm, Stephenson Building, room F13 (first floor)

Project managers, management, investors all thrive to achieve the best projects but large projects are rarely successful. Statistics is a powerful tool that can be used throughout industry and at a company portfolio level to measure project performance and drive improvement. The aim of the presentation is to give the audience a grounding in statistics applied to measuring project performance. We will then look at a typical research that quantifies the success and failure of large projects.

Benjamin is employed by Independent Project Analysis (IPA) as a project analyst where he has worked on project and project system benchmarking for over 4 years. He has analysed over 50 projects in the exploration and production industry in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia and Brazil. Prior to IPA, Benjamin served four years as a well services engineer for BJ Services where he gained field experience on and offshore. He graduated from Newcastle University in 2003 with a PhD under Dr Jack Hale's tutorship.