Seminar Series 2006/2007

The School welcomed a number of eminent academic and industrial speakers from the UK and Europe for the 2006/2007 seminar series. A list of the seminars is given below; click on the seminar title to view an abstract.

4th October 2006
Ian Arbon (visiting professor): Engineered Solutions
"An Introduction to Alternative Energy"

11th October 2006
Prof Jim Burdess: MSE
"Degenerate mode resonant sensors and MEMS"

18th October 2006
Dr Bob Bicker: MSE
"Improved Roughing with Integrated Sensor Technology (IRIST)"

25th October 2006
Rutger IJzermans: University of Twente, The Netherlands
"Accumulation of heavy particles around a helical vortex filament"

8th November 2006
Dr Ian Potts: MSE
"The MSE Fluids Centre: Turbulent times and a flash of inspiration"

22nd November 2006
Dr Sandy Anderson: MSE
"Intelligence through selfish sharing: Particle Swarm Optimisation"

6th December 2006
Brian Clementson (visiting professor): Consultant
"Railways and engineering"

14th December 2006
Klas Hjort: The Angstrom Laboratory, Uppsala University
"BioNanoTechnology - Advanced micro- and nanoengineering in the service of life sciences"

31st January 2007
Barrie Hayes: formerly Director of Research & Innovation, Ciba
"Structural adhesives: an essential for modern manufacturing"

7th February 2007
Dr Daniel Lhuillier: Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
"The modelling of particle migration in laminar flows: a crucial test for the two-fluid model"

21st February 2007
Dr Alan Jones: Imperial College
"Some research issues in nuclear reactor safety"

28th February 2007
Dr Dimitrios Apatsidis: University College London
"Can we repair ever more higher-order neurological functions with the use of electrical stimulation? A review of current and future stimulation techniques in the peripheral and central nervous system"

7th March 2007
Prof Steve Tait: Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
"Physical Modelling of Explosive Eruption Columns"

14th March 2007
Dr Andrew Hopkins: Imperial College
"Engineering the shoulder"

21st March 2007
Dr Alan Lawton: Independent consultant
"Railway Industry Modelling of Vehicle-Track Interactions – From Fundamental Science to Financial Appraisals"

25th April 2007
Prof Abhay Pandit: National University of Ireland, Galway
"Designing Scaffolds for Nanoscale Tissue Engineering"

26th April 2007
Dr Paul DesJardin : State University of New York at Buffalo
"New Challenges in Flame Spread Modeling for Fire Environments"

2nd May 2007
Paul Featonby: Senior Scientist, Tracerco
"Industrial Uses of Gamma Radiation"

9th May 2007
Prof Michael Fairweather: University of Leeds
"Computational Fluid Dynamics for Major Hazard Assessment"

16th May 2007
Rob Frazer: Design Unit
"Measurement uncertainty in gear metrology (lies, damn lies and statistics)"

11th June 2007
Dr Joachim Venghaus (guest member of staff): Stralsund University, Germany
"Fundamentals of Rotor Dynamics"