Seminar Series 2008/2009

The School welcomed a number of eminent academic and industrial speakers from the UK and Europe for the 2008/2009 seminar series. A list of the seminars is given below; click on the seminar title to view an abstract.

Prof Alec Collins (formerly Rolls Royce)
"Why has the Rolls-Royce RB211/Trent family of engines been so successful both technically and commercially?"

Prof Dermot Roddy (Sir Joseph Swan Institute)
"Science City - de-carbonising the regional and global economies"

Dr Ian Eames (UCL)
"Disappearing bodies and ghost vortices"

Dr James Johnstone (Nanotechnology KTN)
"The shape of the UK Nanotechnology community

Dr Norman Powell (University of Manchester)
"Four case-studies of adapting Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL) for Engineering"

Prof Ian Ford (University College London)
"Maximum entropy production in the kinetics of evaporation: are there general principles at work?"

Dr Arakere Harsha (Banaras Hindu University)
"Solid particle erosion studies of polymers and their composites"

Prof Mike Reeks (MSE)
"Turbulent agglomeration and break-up of aerosol particles and the role of small scale structures"

Prof Graham Wren (GSE Systems Ltd)
"Power plant simulation - its history and future challenges"

Prof Kenny Dalgarno (MSE)
"Rapid Manufacturing"

Ahmed Onsy (MSE)
"Design and implementation of an intelligent health system for monitoring gear transmissions"

Dr Ian Fletcher (Intertek Measurement Science Group)
"Surface Analysis in Industry – Tales from the Riverbank"

Prof John Roberts (Bombardier France; MSE Visiting Professor)
"Design, Manufacture and Validation of European Rail Vehicles and Structures"

Paul Charlton (PDL Solutions (Europe) Ltd)
"Using engineering design and analysis tools to mitigate risk in the nuclear, defence and oil & gas industries"

Prof Colin Herron (One North East; MSE Visiting Professor)
"Knowledge transfer with regard to implementing lean manufacturing"

Prof Anne Neville (Leeds University)
"Biotribocorrosion - Understanding the Degradation of Metal-on-Metal Hip Joints"

Dr Franck Nicolleau (University of Sheffield)
"KS input spectrum, Richardson law and fractal properties of turbulence"

Prof Anthony O'Neill (EECE, Newcastle University)
"Evolution of strain engineering for silicon technology"

Prof Richard Hall (University of Leeds)
"Breaking Bones to Fix Bones - Cement Augmentation in Spinal Fracture"