Seminar Series 2009/2010

A list of the seminars is given below; click on the seminar title to view an abstract.

Prof Mike Reeks (MSE)
"How does it rain? The influence of turbulent structures in clouds"

Dr Francis Franklin (MSE)
"Modelling Rail Wear and Cracking"

Dr Tim Haste (MSE Visiting Professor; IRSN France)
"TMI-2 - 30 years on"

Dr George Kotsikos (MSE)
"Improving the crashworthiness of aluminium rail vehicles"

Dr Tom Frost
"The power of non-dimensional analysis: its uses and mis-uses"

Dr Luis Portela (Delft University of Technology)
"Particle-Turbulence Interactions"

Dr Colin Herron (One North East)
"The challenges and opportunities for the North East region"

PGR presentations 1
Panus Nattharith: "Mobile Robot Navigation using a Behavioural Strategy"
Carl Dale: "Approaches for the Integration of DNA Nanowires onto Micromachined Surfaces for Bioelectronic Applications"

PGR presentations 2
Shah Khan: "Design and manufacture of customised medical devices using additive manufacturing"
Matthew Benning: "The design, conceptualisation, prototyping and commercialisation of a novel low-cost, desktop, 3D printer"

Dr Sian Lawson (MSE Bioengineering Group)
"Engineering to improve the welfare of laboratory animals"

Dr Peter Hatto (IonBond Ltd)
"Development of international standards for nanotechnologies"

PGR presentations 3
Elvedin Halimic: "Two-phase flow in a micro-channel cooling module"
Salah Masheiti: "Simulation of water and air cooled lithium-bromide (LiBr) chillers powered by low-temperature geothermal heat source at arid-zone area"

Dr Polly McGuigan (University of Bath)
"In vivo assessment of muscle-tendon mechanics during dynamic activities"

PGR presentation 4
Pauline Addis: "Tendon strain influences the development of equine locomotion with age"

Alstom Transport
Graduate Recruitment & Technical Seminar presentations

Dr Nicolas Green (Southampton University)
"Development of field based microfluidic devices"

Michael Mulroy, John Phillipson and David Milburn
RCID (Resource Centre for Innovation and Design)
"RCID – Engineering in the real world"

Prof Peter Thomas (University of Warwick)
"Secrets of a Seemingly Simple System: Segregation in Particle-Laden Rimming Flow"

PGR presentations 5
Fred Fan Zhang: "Particle Resuspension Modelling in Turbulent Flows"

Dr Nicholas Dunne (Queen's University Belfast)
"Development of a PMMA/MWCNT Nanocomposite: Potential Orthopaedic Bone Cement"

Presentations on MEMS
Dr Zhongxu Hu and Richie Burnett

PGR presentation 6
Nantawut Sriariyawat: "Impact of Lean production on supply chain sustainability"
Elena Meneguz: "On the exploitation of a Lagrangian methodology to quantify the segregation of inertial particles in turbulent flows: results and open questions"