Dr Guohong Tian

  • Email: guohong.tian@ncl.ac.uk
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 3902
  • Fax: +44 (0) 191 208 4961
  • Address: Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research
    2nd floor, Stephenson Building
    Newcastle University
    NE1 7RU

Dr G Tian received his PhD degree in Engineering Thermo Physics from Tsinghua University in 2007. Hi then joined University of Birmingham as a lead researcher conducting a TSB funded bio-diesel research project and an EPSRC funded DMF research project investigating this chemical as a promising gasoline fuel replacement for the first time. In 2010, he joined Swan Centre, School of MSE at Newcastle University as a Lecturer.


PhD in Engineering Thermo Physics (Tsinghua University)

Master in Mechanical Engineering (Jointly awarded by Tsinghua University and RWTH-Aachen)

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (Tsinghua University)

Previous Positions

Research Fellow at University of Birmingham

Professional Activities

Regular reviewer of Fuel, Applied Thermal Engineering, Applied Energy and SAE conferences

Session organiser and chair of International Conference of Applied Energy, 2012

Scientific committee member of SusTEM conference, 2011

Awarded Projects

(PI) Royal Society Research Grant "Feasibility study on dual fuel semi-supercritical injection", 2014 

(CI) EPSCR project "Global-SECURE" (EP/K004689/1), 2012

(CI) FP7 project "TEFLES", 2011

(PI) Industrial CASE studentship (converted from DTA award), 2012

Awarded an EPSRC Framework Funding Collaboration Awards, 2012

Awarded 9 items for EPSRC Small Equipment Awards, 2012

Departmental Visiting Professor award for Dr Xu He from Beijing Institute of Technology, 2010


Research Interests

Alternative fuels for IC engine applications 

IC engine waste heat recovery

Internal Combustion Engine combusiton diagnostics and emission control

Free piston engine technologies 

Desalination process analysis and efficiengy improvement

Optical diagnostics of fuel spray and combustion 

Research Facilities and Specialised Software

IC engine test bench.  Eddy-current dynamometer up to 230kW/7500 rpm with full control and instrumentation. Fuel conditioner and meter for precise fuel consumption measurement. Horiba gaseous emission analyser and particle counter for emissions measurements. Combustion analysis through high speed in-cylinder pressure measurements.

High pressure and high temperature combustion vessel for spray and combustion characteristics investigation. Designed pressure and temperature: 100 bar and 900 K. Injector type: diesel solenoid injector with injection pressure up to 2500 bar. Gasoline direction injection injector possible upon request. 4 off 90 degree fused silica windows for optical analysis. High speed in-vessel pressure transducer for combustion analysis.

Free-piston engine test bench. Free-piston prototype engine with fully Compact-RIO control and data acquisition. Spark ignition type engine with port fuel injection. Pneumatic valve actuation and fully controllable linear motor/generator.

Dual fuel stationary engine bench. Modified CI gen-set Deutz engine allows gaseous and liquid fuel testing. Hydrogen fuel and bio fuel compatible.

Plasma fuel reformation reactor. 1kW mini scale DBD type plasma fuel reforming prototype for gaseous (including vapour) fuel reformation.

Ricardo WAVE: Specialised 1-D engine simulation software available.

IPSEpro: Thermodynamic simulation software package.

Engineering Equation Solver (EES): generic equation solver with integrated working fluids properties suitable for thermodynamic cycle simulation.

Research Student Vacancies

We want enthusiastic and talented research students with proper background in following research area:

Alternative fuel for IC engine application

Innovative IC engine spray and combustion technologies

Free-piston engine development

Engine waste heat recovery simulation and experimentation

Desalination process optimisation

We will offer you: strong support in terms of hardware and software required for the research; helpful and friendly environment working in an interdisciplinary research team (Swan Centre for Energy Research); possibility of working closely with industrial partners.



  • CASE studentship: investigating the impact of using bio-diesel in modern common-rail heavy duty truck engines
    Project Leader(s): Dr Guohong Tian
    The project aims to investigate the impact of using bio-diesel in modern common-rail heavy duty truck engines. Engine performance, combustion status and emissions...
  • Global-SECURE
    Project Leader(s): Professor A Roskilly
    This is an EPSRC funded project aiming to initiate new and enhance existing collaborative research between Newcastle University and Chinese top Universities and institutes...
    Project Leader(s): Professor A Roskilly
    This is an EU funded FP7 project collaborating with several European partners aiming to reduce marine vessel emissions and improve efficiency...

MEC1007 Fundamentals of Thermofluid Dynamics

MEC8024 Vehicle Drives and Dynamics

MEC3098 Mechanical Engineering Project

MEC8099 Mechanical Engineering Team Project

MEC8095 MSc Project