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Emeritus Professor Mike Reeks

Emeritus Professor



Professor Mike Reeks is  Professor in Multiphase Flow. He was recently a Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow at the European Research Centre at Ispra, Italy. Most of his career however has been spent in the nuclear industry, first with the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) and then with Nuclear Electric and Magnox Electric during which time he was head of the aerosol physics and containment thermal hydraulics group. His primary research interest is in the modelling of dispersed flows where he has pioneered the development of the PDF approach to two-fluid modelling.

Roles and Responsibilities

Editor, Journal of Flow Turbulence and Combustion 



PhD (Theoretical Physics),University of Birmingham,1971

Previous Positions

Head of Aerosol Physics, Nuclear Electric;
University Research Programmes Manager Magnox Electric


Fellow of the American Physical Society

Fellow of the Institute of Physics
Member of ASME

Honours and Awards

2010 ASME Freeman Scholar Award
2009 Knox Millsapps Memorial Lecture, University of Florida
Nominated for the ASME Fluids Engineering Award 1998

Informal Interests

I am a Shakespearean


Research Interests

Development and application of the PDF approach for modelling dispersed multiphase flows; two-fluid modelling and multiphase flow CFD; Nuclear aerosols and cloud physics

Here you can find further information on The Multiphase Flow and Thermal Systems Group's Research Activities

Other Expertise

Consultant to British Energy/ Magnox Electric on safety issues related to radioactive aerosol releases

Current Work

Interaction of particles with turbulent structures with special application to precipitation in clouds and near wall particle transport in turbulent flows; deposition of particles in the human respiratory tract; aerosol release in a PWR Steam Generator Tube Rupture (ARTIST experiment at the Paul Scherer Institute (PSI), Switzerland); particle resuspension 

Postgraduate Supervision

5 PhD students

Esteem Indicators

1. ASME 2010 Freeman Scholar
2. Editor Journal of Fluids Turbulence and Combustion (FTaC)
3. European Member (1 of 4 ) of the International Multiphase Flow Congress;
4. Visiting professor at the Ecole Central de Lyon, Institute Mechanique de Fluides Toulouse, University of Florida (Particle Science and Technology), University of Tokyo;
5. Member of EPSRC RPeer Review College (2006-)
6. Visiting scientist European Joint Research Centre;
7. Conference Organizer: CISM/IUTAM Summer School on Particle Dispersion in Turbulent Flows, Sept 2005; ASME Gas-Particle Flows Biannual Symposium, Fluid Engineering Summer Meeting; Joint European/US Organizer ASME US/European Fluids Meeting Miami Florida 2006
8. Keynote Lecture International Conference on Multiphase Flow 2001
9. Keynote lecture, On constutive relations for dispersed particle flows, America Phys Soc Fluids Meeting, Seattle, November 2004 
10. Reviewer: US National Science Foundation; Netherlands Technology Foundation STW; Netherlands Foundation for Fundamental Research of Matter; Canada Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Droplet clouds in a "box" of turbulence EPSRC EP/E029973/1
Measurement and Computation of Gas-Particle Flows in Gas-Cooled Reactors British Energy
Modelling of Resuspension of Particles in Turbulent Flows
IRSN France
Agglomeration and Breakup of Aerosols in Severe Nuclear Reactor Accidents Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland


Courses on Continuum Mechanics, CFD and Aerosols