Staff by Role

Design Unit

Michael Armstrong
Research Associate (Project Engineer)

Christopher Aylott
Senior Engineer

David Clipperton
Instrumentation Technician

Marie Dixon

Dr Robert Frazer

John Haigh

Andrew Hamer
Senior Engineer

Matthew Herdman
Test Rig Technician

Andrew Kerr
Gear Research Technician

Giorge Koulin
Design Engineer

Robert Lambert
Research Engineer

Dr Timothy Lisle
Senior Engineer

Andrew McBride
Research Technician

Stephen Pragnell
Design Engineer

Ian Sewell
Senior Research Associate

Dr Brian Shaw
Director of Design Unit

Dr Andrew Steven
Design and Development Engineer

Beth Stobo
Project Manager

Frank Storey
Workshop Research Technician

Dr Moorthy Vaidhianathasamy
Research Associate

Stephen Wilson
Research Associate

Dr Jishan Zhang
Research Associate