EPSRC Engineering Prize in 2000 - Young Engineer for the New Century

Awarded to: Iain Charlton, CREST

award photo

From left to right:
Vaheesan Maheswaran, University of East London, Owen Davie, IEE's Thames Valley Group, Dr Eric Wharton of SET for Britain, Iain Charlton, University of Newcastle, Maria Papadopoulou, University of East London.

Iain, School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering, University of Newcastle received the top EPSRC engineering prize at the UK National Science Week held at the House of Commons in 2000. Iain is an EPSRC CASE Research Student with DePuy International (http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/EPSRCWEB/DIPS/TRAINES.htm), investigating the biomechanical modelling of the muscles and joints of the human shoulder with application in the manufacture and fitting of joint replacements and the rehabilitation of patients with shoulder disability.