Faculty of Medical Sciences Online Learning


Biology of Ageing (E-learning)

  • Module Leader: Mrs Alison Clapp
  • Lecturer: Dr Carole Proctor, Dr Daryl Shanley
Module length:        12 weeks 
Starts: September (Semester 1)
Credit value: 20
Study hours: 200


If you have ever wondered about the ageing process then here you will find the mechanisms at both cellular and molecular level. The module starts with a look at some evolutionary biology with the ‘why’ of ageing. We then look at ‘how’ we age, providing an insight into the mechanisms of ageing such as oxidative stress, altered protein homeostasis, telomere shortening and alterations in stem cells. This leads us to the physiology of ageing, or how these mechanisms act on certain processes such as the body’s hormonal systems. Alterations in physiology with age resulting in osteoarthritis and changed nutritional status are covered. Finally, we consider what future ageing research is likely to concentrate on.

Online teaching

You will submit your work for assessment via Blackboard virtual learning environment and receive feedback electronically. You’ll practise critical appraisal, data interpretation and other scientific communication skills in online activities that will include:   

  • Guided independents
  • Directed research and reading
  • Online lectures
  • Student-led group activity
  • Scheduled on-line contact time
  • Reflective learning activity
  • Discussion boards

Online assessment

This will through a blend of:

  • Recorded presentation
  • Report
  • Reflective journal
  • Self-assessment multiple choice tests 

Reading list website: rlo.ncl.ac.uk