Case Study

Spin-out company, Orla Protein Technologies is bringing exciting advances to life sciences research.

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In today’s knowledge-based economy it is widely recognised that research, innovation and entrepreneurship are crucial driving factors for the University’s, the North East’s and the UK’s long-term efficiency, competitiveness and economic growth.

Increasingly, the UK Government has an expectation for academic research to be more aligned with industrial requirements and to generate a return on public funded investment.

It is also recognised that many medical technologies (be they new medical devices, diagnostics or therapeutics) will only ever make it to the market and thus deliver patient benefits/cost savings through appropriate protection, diligent management and effective commercialisation.

The University has a number of IP and Commercialisation specialists who have a wide range of technical, commercial, marketing, business, corporate finance, management and legal skills to assist in this area.

This team has the role of assisting University researchers to:

  • identify their intellectual discoveries
  • protect and support the development of these early-stage technologies
  • commercialise these assets through licensing deals with existing companies or by establishing spin-out companies

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