Knowledge Transfer

Case Study

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership project with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) targets eczema treatment.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are one of the Technology Strategy Board's (TSB) business support solutions that enable knowledge and technology transfer between academia and industry.

KTPs can range from one to three years during which academic experts will assist an industrial partner to create strategic and profitable change within their organisation via a high flying graduate/associate to focus on a specific project.

Within Newcastle University, there is a KTP Office which actively works to:

  • offer a single contact and information point for organisations and academics
  • provide support for organisations and academics to complete applications
  • assist with recruitment of associates


  • To transfer knowledge and skills from the University into industry
  • To develop graduates for industrial careers
  • To increase industrial relevance of academic research and teaching
  • To encourage investment by industry into innovation

Benefits to the Company

  • Highly skilled graduate to work on a strategic project
  • Access to academic expertise and University facilities
  • Improved competiveness and financial benefits from completed projects

Benefits to the Academic and University

  • Development of collaborations with innovative organisations
  • Development of business-relevant teaching materials
  • Conference material and publishing high quality research papers

Benefits to the Associate

  • Opportunity to work on a project central to the Company’s strategic development
  • Competitive salary
  • Opportunity to develop education, knowledge and training

“The KTP has allowed us to improve our competitive position by enabling us to enter a new and growing segment of the orthopaedic implant market.  This shoulder project will be a novel implant that overcomes a significant complication associated with existing competitor products.  By entering a small but growing market, it is hoped that JRI will be able to quickly achieve a good market share.  As the shoulder market is especially large in USA and France, the impact of the shoulder is also of importance to JRI export markets”

Keith Jackson
Managing Director of JRI Ltd

If you would like to access the expertise offered at Newcastle University through a KTP, please contact:

Christine Younger
Tel: +44 (0) 191 208 8784

You can also visit our the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships website