Faculty of Medical Sciences

Staff Profile

Christina Murison

Estate Faculty Co-ordinator (Med.Sci)


As Estate Faculty Coordinator I ensure ongoing communications between the staff in our buildings and the Estates Support Service whether that is regarding day-to-day issues or the development of large capital projects such as the Baddiley-Clark and Biomedical Research Building's.

I also represent the Faculty in a number of cross-university meetings from managing space to security.

As one of the four Medical School Fire Marshall's, the Safety Officer for the Medical Sciences Faculty Offices and Secretary to the Safety Committee I have a strong role in both development, implementation and management of safety.  This safety role ties in easily with day-to-day issues associated to space occupied by Medical Sciences.

I previously worked at Newcastle College as an Administrator, then School Manager and left whilst I was Data Manager (managing approx. 20 administrative staff - which was hardwork).  I have had many other roles in the past such as a cold calling (which was awful) and dressing as a teddy bear (in my student years at a store openings).

My tip for work would be:  Always smile when you're on the phone as the smile will come across in your voice! 

I'm also proud to be mum to James, wife to Andrew and generally positive...most of the time!

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.  I hope it was interesting enough to read this thankyou and relevant enough that you understand a little more about me and my job