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thumbnail Funding boost for new lab to develop tests for rare and chronic diseases

Experts at Newcastle University have been given a funding boost of £2.7 million to focus on developing new lab tests for rare and chronic diseases.

published on: 27th July 2015

thumbnail New ‘chemotherapy booster’ could treat lung and pancreatic cancer

A new drug that blocks cancer’s escape route from chemotherapy could be used to treat deadly lung and pancreatic cancers, research has revealed.

published on: 22nd July 2015

thumbnail Funding boost will help patients with ME

Experts at Newcastle University have received funding to compare results from a commercial and a clinical diagnostic based blood test to assess mitochondrial function in ME/CFS.

published on: 21st July 2015

thumbnail Future Fund receives £1.5m donation from research charity

A pioneering centre dedicated to childhood cancer research is a step closer to becoming a reality thanks to a generous donation from a prestigious national charity.

published on: 20th July 2015

thumbnail Can we keep our minds sharp?

Is there really anything we can do to keep our minds sharper as we age? Mr Daniel Collerton and Professor Mike Trenell help the team at BBC 2's Trust Me, I'm a Doctor to find out which activities can boost brain function.

published on: 16th July 2015

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