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Newcastle University recognised for outstanding support for students

Newcastle University has won the Outstanding Support for Students award at the prestigious Times Higher Education Awards.

European folic acid policy inadequate, warn experts

European folic acid policy is not preventing neural tube defects in pregnancy .

Tomorrow's Food

BBC1 explores the future of food including a seaweed tablet which could stop your body absorbing fat based on work at Newcastle University.

Comment: What is the kidney disorder that Jonah Lomu had?

Writing for The Conversation, Dr John Sayer explains what the rare kidney disorder rugby ace Jonah Lomu had.

Pioneering project will help in the fight against superbugs

Experts at Newcastle University are leading a flagship project to research a non-antibiotic treatment to help prevent recurrent urinary tract infections.

Is the colour I see the same as the colour you see?

Professor Anya Hurlbert addresses whether people interpret colour the same way with BBC 4 and ‘that dress’ that became an internet sensation.

Recognising the basic structure of language is not unique to humans

A team led at Newcastle University has shed light on the evolutionary roots of language in the brain.

Showcasing student-led research projects

A special event will take place at Newcastle University this week to showcase a range of new student-led research projects.

Celebrating the anniversary of Martin Luther King's visit to Newcastle

Newcastle will take centre stage in 2017 when it hosts a city-wide programme of events celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King visiting Newcastle University.

New video will help dementia patients use the railway system

A new video has been launched to encourage patients with dementia to use the railway system knowing that they have the support of rail staff and police.

Environmental factors may contribute to evolution of childhood cancers

Environmental factors may be a contributory cause in the development of some childhood cancers, leading scientists have revealed.

Comment: Robin Williams had dementia with Lewy Bodies, so what is it?

Writing for The Conversation, Professor Ian McKeith outlines how dementia with Lewy Bodies affects patients.