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thumbnail Experts call for new taskforce to overcome challenges faced by older workers

Experts from Newcastle University’s Institute for Ageing have called on the Government to establish a new cross-departmental taskforce, specifically focused on the issue of the ageing workforce. 

published on: 15th July 2015

thumbnail Experts collaborate to crack difficult disease areas

Leading academics at Newcastle University are part of a multi-million pound collaboration to improve scientists’ understanding of inflammatory diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases and fibrosis.

published on: 15th July 2015

thumbnail Transplant drug could turn the tide of heart attack damage

New research has revealed how a drug commonly used after transplant operations could limit some of the heart damage caused by a heart attack, in a study from Newcastle University.

published on: 14th July 2015

thumbnail Researchers given £1m to learn more about osteoarthritis

Researchers at Newcastle University have been awarded £1m to continue the hunt for the genes that cause osteoarthritis.

published on: 13th July 2015

thumbnail Empowering local communities through digital technologies

A £12m research centre has been announced that will explore the potential of digital technologies in shaping the future of local government services in planning, health, social care and education.

published on: 13th July 2015

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