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Diabetes drug shown to help after heart attack

Heart disease is the leading cause of illness in diabetic patients. It accounts for more than half of all fatalities and the search for enhanced treatments is of high importance.

Mitochondria shown to trigger cell ageing

An international team of scientists has for the first time shown that mitochondria, the batteries of the cells, are essential for ageing.

NAHP Research Day: 16th June 2016

Research day to celebrate the launch of Newcastle Academic Health Partners.

Newcastle University academic receives Damehood

Professor Vicki Bruce has been made a Dame Commander of the British Empire at an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Seaweed offers solution to stem cell transport and wound treatment

Stem cells have been put into plasters and bandages to help heal wounds for the first time, thanks to a new technique developed by scientists at Newcastle University.

Comment: The problem with human head transplants

Writing for The Conversation, Dr Andrew Jackson explains why joining the brain to an entirely new body has a slim chance of success.

Depression experts question the effectiveness of a stress hormone drug

Pioneering research by mood disorder experts at Newcastle University has questioned the effectiveness of a drug suggested to treat depression.

Bug eyes: Tiny glasses confirm 3D vision in insects

Miniature glasses have proved that mantises use 3D vision - providing a new model to improve visual perception in robots.

The true cost of alcohol-related incidents to emergency care

Emergency Departments are having to cope with a huge influx of alcohol-related problems, rising to 70% of incidents at the weekend.

Children with cancer are stars of a film to promote the Future Fund

A heart-warming charity video featuring children with cancer was premiered at a special screening today.

Leader appointed to ‘innovation hotbed’

The Government has reinforced its commitment to the Northern Powerhouse with £20m for the National Centre for Ageing Science and Innovation to be based at Newcastle University.

Comment: What do we need to worry about when it comes to ageing well?

Writing for The Conversation, Professor Carol Jagger explains what we need to worry about when it comes to healthy ageing - mind or body?

Baroness Ros Altmann receives honorary degree

Baroness Ros Altmann has been awarded an honorary degree from Newcastle University for her work focusing on issues affecting an ageing population.