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Leading biochemist recognised with double Fellowship

Professor Harry Gilbert joins the most eminent scientists and technologists in the country with the award of two fellowships in the same week.

University recognised for its commitment to tackling gender inequality

Newcastle University has been given a coveted Athena SWAN Silver award for its work to address the underrepresentation of women in higher education.

Loneliness linked with an increased risk of heart disease and stroke

People who feel lonely or socially isolated are at increased risk of developing coronary heart disease and stroke, researchers from Newcastle University have concluded.

Comment: What to eat and drink after running a marathon

Writing for The Conversation, Professor Emma Stevenson discusses the best foods to aid recovery after running a marathon.

University pays respects to eminent neurologist

Tributes have been paid to Lord John Walton of Detchant, a medical pioneer in muscular dystrophy and champion of Newcastle University, as his death is announced at the age of 93.

Scientists gain new insight into circuits of the brain

Researchers have for the first time identified how complex circuits of the brain work in the visual system.

New screening set to support a safer detention process for police

People in police custody are set to benefit from a new electronic screening tool to improve detection of physical and mental health problems.

New cases of dementia fall by 20% over two decades

A 20% reduction in the incidence of dementia has been seen in the UK over the past two decades, according to new research.

Brain death gives birth to sublime artwork

The electronic signals emitted by the brain at the time of death have inspired a unique audio-visual art installation

Eye detection and polygraph testing used to manage sex offenders

Experts at Newcastle University are working with police to assess the techniques of eye detection and polygraph testing to manage sex offenders.

Poor maths skills means people fail to understand dietary guidelines

Three-quarters of adults can’t work out how much sugar they are meant to consume, a new survey has revealed.

Promising new blood test is first of its kind to detect liver scarring

Newcastle scientists and medics have developed a new type of genetic blood test that diagnoses scarring in the liver – even before someone may feel ill.

NAHP Research Day: 16th June 2016

Research day to celebrate the launch of Newcastle Academic Health Partners.