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thumbnail Experts discuss how to improve the experience of ageing

Planning your retirement, eating healthily and having meaningful social interactions, could all help us to live healthier for longer.

published on: 30th September 2015

thumbnail One in over a thousand - Cancer diagnostic tool awarded best European project

A Newcastle University spin-out company, Selective Antibodies Ltd, is part of a group whose work has been awarded the prize of the best European project from over 1,000 projects awarded by the EU.

published on: 25th September 2015

thumbnail New technique negotiates neuron jungle to target source of Parkinson’s disease

Researchers from Newcastle University and Imperial College London believe they have found a potential new way to target cells of the brain affected by Parkinson’s disease.

published on: 24th September 2015

thumbnail Holding out for 'the one' makes evolutionary sense, suggests lovebirds study

Writing in The Conversation, Dr Tom Smulders explores how we find a perfect partner.

published on: 16th September 2015

thumbnail Dementia experts reveal latest findings

Medical research experts will reveal the latest findings in their search to understand more about how dementia develops.

published on: 15th September 2015

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