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thumbnail Improving treatment for patients with throat problems

Patients in the UK are set to benefit from a new Newcastle-based study that aims to develop improved treatments for those living with persistent throat problems.

published on: 3rd August 2015

thumbnail Do 3D films make you dizzy – or is it just your imagination?

Dr Jenny Read writes about the effect 3D TV can have on a viewer in The Conversation.

published on: 29th July 2015

thumbnail Why bacteria could be the answer to a future without oil

Professor Jeff Errington writes about the search for a sustainable alternative to petroleum in The Conversation.

published on: 29th July 2015

thumbnail Funding boost for new lab to develop tests for rare and chronic diseases

Experts at Newcastle University have been given a funding boost of £2.7 million to focus on developing new lab tests for rare and chronic diseases.

published on: 27th July 2015

thumbnail New ‘chemotherapy booster’ could treat lung and pancreatic cancer

A new drug that blocks cancer’s escape route from chemotherapy could be used to treat deadly lung and pancreatic cancers, research has revealed.

published on: 22nd July 2015

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