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thumbnail Twins more likely to suffer from congenital heart disease

Identical twins that share a placenta have almost twice the increased risk of being born with congenital heart disease, new research has revealed.

published on: 2nd October 2015

thumbnail New series of Insights public lectures gets underway

The Autumn programme of Insights public lectures at Newcastle University has now begun, with talks on a host of topical issues including the future of capitalism, human trafficking, and our ageing society.

published on: 2nd October 2015

thumbnail Smoking in cars with children banned

Smokers are being given one more reason to quit as new laws come into force which make it illegal for anyone to smoke in vehicles with children present. The new law is designed to help protect children from the dangers of secondhand smoke. 

published on: 1st October 2015

thumbnail Experts discuss how to improve the experience of ageing

Planning your retirement, eating healthily and having meaningful social interactions, could all help us to live healthier for longer.

published on: 30th September 2015

thumbnail One in over a thousand - Cancer diagnostic tool awarded best European project

A Newcastle University spin-out company, Selective Antibodies Ltd, is part of a group whose work has been awarded the prize of the best European project from over 1,000 projects awarded by the EU.

published on: 25th September 2015

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