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Professor Martin Noble

Prof of Biom Struct & Anticanc Drug Des



Since October 2011, I have been Professor of Biomolecular Structure and Anticancer Drug Design in the Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University.  My group is pursuing structure-function studies of protein complexes involved in regulating transcription and progression through the eukaryotic cell cycle.  We are also providing structural biology support to projects within the Drug Discovery and Imaging group of the NICR.

Prior to taking up my appointment in Newcastle I was a Professor at the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics in the Department of Biochemistry,  Oxford University, where I worked from 1993 as postdoc, Royal Society University Research Fellow, University Lecturer, and ultimately Head of Laboratory, after having been recruited initially to the group of Professor Dame Louise Johnson.

My main interest is in understanding the molecular recognition events that drive cellular signalling processes, and in exploiting that understanding to produce new chemical probes and potential leads for drug discovery.  This interest has also lead me into the field of bionanotechnology, where protein structures can be recycled as building blocks for novel materials.

Beyond Newcastle, I am chairman of working group 1 and the Executive Committee of Collaborative Computational Project 4, and I sit on the board of Crysalin Ltd., an Oxford University spinout company that is exploiting some of the bionanotechnology IP we have generated.





I look forward to welcoming M.Res and project students with an interest in 

  • The structural biology of cancer
  • Computational and experimental structure-based drug design