Susceptibility to amoxicillin-clavulanate-induced liver injury is influenced by multiple HLA class I and class II alleles (2011)

Author(s): Lucena MI, Molokhia M, Shen Y, Urban TJ, Aithal GP, Andrade RJ, Day CP, Ruiz-Cabello F, Donaldson PT, Stephens C, Pirmohamed M, Romero-Gomez M, Navarro JM, Fontana RJ, Miller M, Groome M, Bondon-Guitton E, Conforti A, Stricker BHC, Carvajal A, Ibanez L, Yue Q-Y, Eichelbaum M, Floratos A, Pe'er I, Daly MJ, Goldstein DB, Dillon JF, Nelson MR, Watkins PB, Daly AK, Spanish DILI Registry, EUDRAGENE, DILIN, DILIGEN, and International SAEC

      • Date: 12-04-2011
      • Journal: Gastroenterology
      • Volume: 141
      • Issue: 1
      • Pages: 338-347
      • Publisher: WB Saunders Co.
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Professor Ann Daly
      Professor of Pharmacogenetics and Associate Dean for Internationalisation (Faculty of Medical Sciences)

      Professor Chris Day
      PVC of Medical Sciences

      Dr Peter Donaldson
      Senior Lecturer