Transmission of mitochondrial DNA disorders: possibilities for the future (2006)

Author(s): Brown D, Herbert M, Lamb V, Chinnery PF, Taylor R, Lightowlers R, Craven L, Cree L, Gardner JL, Turnbull DM

    Notes: Co-author JL Gardner now publishes as JL Murphy.

      • Journal: Lancet
      • Volume: 368
      • Issue: 9529
      • Pages: 87-89
      • Publisher: The Lancet Publishing Group
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Professor Patrick Chinnery
      Wellcome Senior Fellow in Clinical Science, Professor of Neurogenetics and Honorary Consultant

      Professor Mary Herbert
      Professor of Reproductive Biology

      Professor Robert Lightowlers
      Director, ICaMB and Professor of Molecular Neuroscience

      Professor Robert Taylor
      Professor of Mitochondrial Pathology