Reproductive and Vascular Biology Group

Research Achievements

  • Unique human tissue resource (consisting of targeted uterine samples [upper segment, cervix, placental bed] from normal and abnormal pregnancies
  • High quality 'in-situ' cellular technologies [immunohistochemistry, TISH and laser capture microscopy/PCR] with large scale gene expression profiling [subtraction hybridisation, SAGE (serial analysis of gene expression)].
  • Novel in vivo approaches to trophoblast/myometrium/leukocyte interactions (incorporating trophoblast invasion assays and co-culture techniques)
  • International recognition in terms of quality of publications, invited lectures, and international collaborations (Krainer [Cold Spring Harbor, USA], Myatt [Cincinatti, USA], Lye [Toronto, Canada]).

Research Strategy

  • Continued integration of myometrial and trophoblast components of group in terms of maximising clinical material and laboratory technologies
  • Continued development of gene expression technologies with wider application in (a) different clinical problems and (b) different cell types (rather than 'whole' tissues)
  • Establishment of national networks for myometrial research as forerunner to submitting applications for MRC Group Status
  • Attract a high quality scientist with expertise in trophoblast signalling

Further information about this area of research can be found at the Institute of Cellular Medicine

Staff List


Dr Judith Bulmer
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant

Professor Nick Europe-Finner
Prof of Myometrial Science

Dr Gendie Lash

Professor Stephen Robson
Professor of Fetal Medicine

Dr Roger Searle
Head of School & Director of Anatomy and Clinical Skills & Director of Excellence in Learning and Teaching

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 6625

Professor Michael Taggart
Chair of Reproductive Sciences

Dr Alison Tyson-Capper
Faculty Postgraduate Tutor (Associate Dean); Senior Lecturer

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