Research Institutes

Scientists and clinicians work together in research institutes with a collective aim to make ground breaking discoveries, and to lead to the development of new medicines in the areas of:

Central Scientific Services support the research of all the institutes and links are maintained with the clinical specialities, maintaining access to stable and well characterised patient cohorts.

The Faculty of Medical Sciences is also home to one of the University’s Societal Challenge theme institutes, the Newcastle University Institute for Ageing.

To understand the biological, clinical and social challenges and opportunities of an ageing population the theme and Institute brings together significant strengths in research and innovation relating to how we can live better for longer.

Research supporting this theme is undertaken across all three of Newcastle University’s faculties, but how we understand the mechanisms of ageing and the causes of age related illnesses is rooted in the work carried out by the medical-focused research institutes listed above, all sitting within the Faculty of Medical Sciences.