MOSAIC - Newcastle University's LGBT Network

An intelligent network for LGBT staff and students at Newcastle

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Universities are melting pots, attracting students and staff from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

Newcastle University is home to over 23,000 people and provides a useful node for social and professional networks.Within the fabric of the organisation, a number of informal networks have evolved to cater for the needs of this community.

What has been lacking for some time has been a network for LGBT staff and students who, by their very nature, are spread throughout different areas in the University.

Mosaic offers the opportunity to network across traditional barriers and provides a fresh mechanism for support for individuals and groups within the University.


Why the name? The name 'Mosaic' expresses the inclusivity of the network while also recognising the diversity and individuality of its members. Additionally, an atypical name (avoiding an acronym, for example) reflects the aim of offering a network with a fresh approach to the issues faced by LGBT staff and students and the opportunities available to them. The name also connotes that by joining the network you will be making a positive contribution to the bigger picture.

Further Information

Further information on the network and how to join.