People by Role


Professor Peter Blain CBE
Professor of Environmental Medicine

Research Staff

Dr Michael Dunn
Mass Spectrometrist

Dr Peter Hanson
Research Associate

Dr Paul Jowsey
Research Associate

Dr Sarah Judge
Staff Scientist

Dr Christopher Morris
Senior Lecturer

Dr Simon Wilkinson
Staff Scientist

Support Staff

Linda Davison
Secretary/Admin Support

Margaret Knight
Laboratory Technician

Anne Makepeace
Guest Status

Clair Roper
Technician (Analytical)

Affilliated Members

Dr Alasdair Blain
Research Associate

Emeritus Professor John Harris
Professor of Experimental Neurology

Dr Simon Hill
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Dr Aileen Mill
Lecturer in Vertebrate Ecology and Biodiversity

Professor Stephen Rushton
Prof of Biological Modelling

Dr Ruben Thanacoody
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Professor Simon Thomas
Prof of Clin Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Professor Faith Williams

Professor Matthew Wright
Professor of Toxicology