Current Postgraduate Students

Craig Moore

Project Title: Factors influencing dermal penetration and local toxicity in skin of chemical agents and related chemicals
Supervisors: Faith Williams, Peter Blain

Rizwan Nisar

Project Title: Agrochemicals and Parkinsons Disease
Supervisors: Chris Morris, Peter Blain

Seth Remington

Project Title: Investigation of the mechanisms of acute and chronic toxicity after exposure to nerve agents by pathways other than inhibition of acetylcholinesterase
Supervisors: Peter Blain, Faith Williams, Paul Jowsey

Abigail Dalzell

Project Title: The impact of genetic variation in transport proteins upon CNS exposure and toxicity to agrichemicals
Supervisors: Colin Brown (Institute of Cell and Molecular Biosciences), Faith Williams

Alison Forrester

Project Title: Role of AhR receptor activation in the regulation of normal human epidermal keratinocyte growth, differentiation and apoptosis- Relevance to chloracne, a human AhR dependent toxicity
Supervisors: Nick Reynolds (Institute of Cellular Medicine), Faith Williams

Shariar Khateri

Project Title: Chronic health effects of exposure to chemical agents
Supervisors: Peter Blain, Faith Williams

Andrew Axon

Project Title: Xenobiotic exposure as a trigger for primary biliary cirrhosis
Supervisors: Matt Wright, Peter Blain, Faith Williams

Andrew Baron

Project Title: Amnesic shellfish poisoning: mechanisms of action, susceptibility and neuroprotection
Supervisors: Sarah Judge, Chris Morris, Peter Blain

Claire Savy

Project Title: Neurobiological consequences of low level exposure to organophosphates
Supervisors: Sarah Judge, Peter Blain, Chris Morris

Passapan Sriwichai

Project Title: The effects of nanoparticles commonly used in the cosmetics industry
Supervisors: Elaine Mutch, Angela Silmon, Christina Lye

Paul Keane

Project Title:The mechanism of trichloroethylene toxicity and it's relation to Parkinsonism
Supervisors: Chris Morris, Peter Blain, Sarah Judge