Current Postgraduate Students

Shariar Khateri

Project: Chronic health effects of exposure to chemical agents
Supervisors: Prof. P G Blain, Prof. F M Williams

Preeti Singh

Project: Role of Sirtuins in Parkinson's disease
Supervisor: Dr C M Morris, Dr P Hanson

Eliona Tsefou

Project: The link between copper homeostasis and Alzheimer’s disease as a route to therapy
Supervisor: Prof. C Dennison, Dr C M Morris

Stephanie Meyer

Project: Effect of oestrogenic chemicals on the liver
Supervisor: Prof. M Wright, Prof. P G Blain, Dr P Jowsey

Eyman Rashdan

Project: The skin and barrier function in radiation and chemical exposure
Supervisor: Prof. Mark Birch-Machin, Dr Simon Wilkinson