Toxic Mechanisms

Chimney with smokeOur aim is to understand the mechanisms of the toxic effects of exposure to chemicals in the environment and occupationally that may contribute to development of ill health. We use in vitro model systems to investigate mechanisms and extrapolate to in vivo situations. We specifically aim to identify rate limiting pathways and toxic metabolites.

Current Projects

  • The role of metabolism in determining the toxic effects of organophosphate pesticides. Factors contributing to  inter- individual differences including genotype and ability to repair DNA damage (F M Williams)
  • Investigation of the mechanisms of acute and chronic toxicity after exposure to organophosphates by pathways other than inhibition of acetylcholinesterase (F M Williams)
  • Investigations of mechanisms of genotoxicity, signalling and  repair (P Jowsey)
  • Cellular toxicology mechanisms in non-dividing cells (CM Morris)