Nanobiotechnology, as its name implies, is the use of nanotechnology in biological and biochemical applications. This innovative and exciting field is starting to produce new therapies and diagnostic tools and already forms the basis of many new technologies in medicine and healthcare.


Nanobiotechnology also underpins many other research themes including nanodevices and nanomaterials. The complex machinery underlying biological function operates at a scale that is far smaller than traditional medical devices, however advances in nanotechnologies allow us to fabricate sensors and electronics with dimensions compatible to cellular and sub-cellular structures, opening new possibilities for diagnosing and treating human disease.

nanoLAB's expertise in nanobiotechnology lies at the frontier of this exciting area and covers a wide range of cutting-edge research and applications including:

  • using novel nanoscience techniques to coat and characterize prosthetic surfaces (Dr Matt German)
  • using engineered proteins to aid the incorporation of nanoscale devices into biological media (Prof. Lakey)