Accessing NEXUS facilities

NEXUS users must be UK-based researchers at an institution eligible for research council funding. Download the NEXUS Terms and Conditions (link below) & ensure Research Services or Contracts staff at your institution are aware and accept these terms. The next step is to fully complete all relevant sections of the NEXUS project registration form and email to This detailed information is used by NEXUS to schedule your work.

NEXUS will be happy to accept (with prior agreement via the Project Registration form) “dirty” samples, i.e. those that may lead to some contamination of instruments, subject to normal practice (e.g. scheduling these in advance of planned bake-outs, for example). We cannot accept radioactive specimens for analysis. All other hazardous materials must be subject to a risk assessment before you send them to us.

Am I a User or a Collaborator?

Download the Nexus Terms and Conditions (pdf)

If you have any problems with these Terms and Conditions do contact us: we are very happy to consider changes or modifications users suggest to make them better.